Welcome to the website of the software SATlive.
SATlive allows you to measure and optimize your sound system.

SATlive Version 2.0

Version 2.0

SATlive Version 2.0 After more than a year, the next generation of the dual-FFT audio measurement software SATlive is now available. We have further optimized the proven algorithms and completely…
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Chinese Translation of the current Version

Ziheng Wang ( keeps the Chinese translation of SATlive and the manual up to date. Starting with version 1.70.70 the installation program (download) will contain both manual and language-file in…
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SATlive is a software for computers running windows. It features dual-FFT based measurement which will help you to optimize your sound – system. Its primary application is the live – sound situation, but it will support you in other audio measurement tasks as well. Find more information about the features in this section.

The current version

This section contains the download and information about the latest changes and improvements of the software.
Beside the download of SATlive, this section offers the download of the manual and of different language files.


Check out the pricing and the different licenses available.
You can order SATlive in this section.

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