The current version of SATlive

Download SATlive

Click here to download the most current version of SATlive.

This is a multi-lingual installer which contains manuals and language files in English, German and Chinese Language.

You can find language files supporting other languages here.


  • Fixed: Apply virtual EQ on master trace not set correctly when you invoke the editor for virtual EQ.
  • Fixed: Changing the project file will replace some entries with previous traces.

SATlive Beta (11.09.2023)

Check out the beta version of SATlive 2.0
It features an all new GUI and other improvements. Please report problems and suggestions to
Installer for win32. Will run on both 32Bit and 64Bit OS.
Installer for 64Bit version. Will runs on 64Bit OS only.

For the complete download of the Dual-FFT audio measurement software SATlive click here.

Load down the manual only.

Language files for other countries.

Hint: You can demo the software for 30 days. Please note, that the demo period will start with the first start of the software. See the manual for further details.

Delay Suggestion

Updates in previous versions of SATlive 1.70

  • Add: Global hide and show option for quick trace correlation graph
  • Add: virtual Eq can be used on tracemanager master trace
  • Add: copy to quick trace option for the tracemanager master trace
  • Add: Global layout setting for the quick traces
  • Add: load/save/import for acoustic material data
  • RTA display improved
  • Fixed: Perfomance issue with some ASIO drivers (Behringer UMC)
  • Fixed: Peq values not shown in web interface
  • Fixed: Time scale shifted in MAT-IR
  • Fixed: Error in IR-FFT when using small FFT Sizes
  • Fixed: Gain values for quick traces not stored in web interface
  • Fixed: Quick traces will not show in FFT in web interface
  • Fixed: Pop up menus not working in web interface
  • Fixed: Strange pink and white noise after running a MLS measurement
  • Added: Maximum Value Trace, an envelope of the quick traces
  • Fixed: Option Show-Q will freeze web interface
  • Fixed: Latched cursor will not keep position in room-ir
  • Added: Solo mode for Quick-trace (MAT-Transfer only)
  • Fixed: Frequency scales shifted to the left
  • Fixed: Latched cursor lost in room-Ir
  • Fixed: wav-player not working correctly
  • CSV import improved
  • Coherence now supported on CSV import
  • Fix: Applying the virtual eq to an empty main trace will create a division by zero error
  • Fix: Upper part of trace display flickers when you’ll edit the virtual eq
  • Fix: Wrong font color in wav file player setup window
  • New: You can compensate different delay settings used for measurement
  • Layout of virtual time shift window modified
  • Fix: Error message when selection averages ADD in MAT – Transfer
  • Fix: Possible invalid averages setting when using the arrows to adjust
  • New: Input monitoring

  • New: Save and apply compensation for complex compensation

  • New: Original phase value of quick trace will show when you compensate for different measurement delays in live add trace

  • New: Direct Ref added to windows-wave and direct sound audio

  • New: Selected i/o devices shown in setup → I/O devices

  • New: Increase / decrease display range buttons will show when you move the mouse over the left scale area

  • Fixed: Crash when repeating delay-suggestion tool
  • Add: Cursor read out in oscilloscope.
  • Add: Numerical peak value display.
  • Add: Trigger visualization in MAT – IR.
  • Add: Trigger off option in MAT – IR.
  • Fixed: Sweep signal not starting.
  • Fixed: Possible crash in MAT – IR with digital zero input.
  • Fixed: DirectSound audio choppy.
  • Delay compensation not working correctly.
  • Fixed: Smoothing affected by the frequency range selected.
  • Fixed: Crash when starting a Sweep measurement in the IR module with voice filter enabled.
  • Fixed: Menu entries not working in IR -> Room Acoustic window.
  • Modified: Delay-Compensation modifies phase response graph of the basic trace.
  • Added: Range of Tolerances.
  • Added: Quality Check.
  • Fixed: File – Type linking in windows.
  • Fixed: Lock up during first start.
  • Added the transfer with virtual EQ applied file format.
  • Added Suggest file name feature to Setup → Postprocess.
  • Project Management now available in IR module.
  • Phase compensation available for both smooth FFT and normal FFT in FFT module.
  • Fixed: Project configuration creates empty folders.
  • Some internal modifications.
  • Added Trigger to IR (MAT-Module).
  • Added support for 88.2kSamples/s, 96kSamples/s, 176.4kSamples/s and 192kSamples/s to ASIO I/O.
  • Removed time-limit of the wav-file player.
  • Added octave-band filters to IR-Module.
  • Added: Threshold for amplitude difference in Delay-Suggestion-Tool.
  • Added: Visualization of frequency – range used during calculation of delay – suggestion.
  • New: K-View using two impulse-responses.
  • Added K-View (cross-correlation based delay calculation).

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