The current version

The current version

Load down the most current version of SATlive.

Most current version: 1.70.50
  • Fix: Virtual Eq gain jumps when changing Q.
  • Improved: CSV Export now supports correlation.
  • Improved: Free – Run and Single – Shot trigger for oscilloscope.
  • New: Delay – suggestion tool: optimization target max +/- 60° difference in phase added.
  • Improved detail – display for delay – suggestion tool.
  • Improved: Waveform selection and display in signal – generator.
  • Add: Time – Marker Export / Import added.
  • Add: Time – Marker will show polarity information.
  • Add: Transfer – function fast refresh option for faster update of the low – frequencies in transfer – function measurement.
  • Add: Control – Output option added to configuration menu.
Previous Versions
  • Fix: Delay – Info display flashes in some cases.
  • Fix: Virtual Eq not working on sum – trace.
  • Fix: Mixed up Bessel and Butterworth filter types in the virtual crossover.
  • Added a simple wav-file player to the signal – generator
  • Tracemanager will show amplitude responses in the background of the impedance measurement
  • Single window display of phase and amplitude in impedance measurement
  • Quicktrace buttons can be magnified
  • Global link for smoothing
  • Fix: Some errors related to group – delay display
  • Internal improvements and fixes
  • Option Show QT on Assign to control the display of a quick – trace after its assignment added
  • Web – client added selection of ASIO routings to menu Main
  • Key – combination Shift – A will zoom the vertical scale of the IR display to fit the delay zoom window
  • Key – combination Shift – P sets cursor to peak in the delay zoom window
  • Fix: Complex – Combination not working in MLS white and MLS pink
  • Fix: Quick – traces created using previous versions of SATlive will not load
  • Fix: Some peq settings will not show in the web – client
  • Fix: Header will not change while changing Q or Bandwidth in the peq using sliders
  • Combined delay – latches and time – markers
  • Automated File – Name Creation in the IR module allows sequential saving or measurements
  • Delay Zoom Window in MAT → IR can now center at the cursor position
  • Local peak – finder in the Delay Zoom Window
  • Peak position and local – peak now available in the delay – matrix
  • Delay – Matrix added to the web – client
  • Delay – Finder added to the web – client
  • Remote start and save option for IR – module
  • Reordering / Clean – up of some menus

For the complete download click here.

Load down the manual only.

Language files for other countries.

Hint: You can demo the software for 30 days. Please see the manual for details.

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