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You can download the most current version of SATlive here.

This is a multi-lingual installer which contains manuals and language files in English, German and Chinese Language.

You can find language files supporting other languages here.


  • Fixed: Peq values not shown in web interface
  • Fixed: Time scale shifted in MAT-IR
  • Fixed: Error in IR-FFT when using small FFT Sizes
  • Fixed: Gain values for quick traces not stored in web interface
  • Fixed: Quick traces will not show in FFT in web interface
  • Some other internal improvements and small fixes

Previous Versions

  • Fixed: Pop up menus not working in web interface
  • Fixed: Strange pink and white noise after running a MLS measurement
  • Added: Maximum Value Trace, an envelope of the quick traces
  • Fixed: Option Show-Q will freeze web interface
  • Fixed: Latched cursor will not keep position in room-ir
  • Added: Solo mode for Quick-trace (MAT-Transfer only)
  • Fixed: Frequency scales shifted to the left
  • Fixed: Latched cursor lost in room-Ir
  • Fixed: wav-player not working correctly
  • CSV import improved
  • Coherence now supported on CSV import
  • Internal improvements
  • Increased stability of ASIO audio handling
  • Fix: Range tool icons will show in wrong color
  • Fix: Possible ASIO I/O crash
  • Fix: Applying the virtual eq to an empty main trace will create a division by zero error
  • Fix: Upper part of trace display flickers when you’ll edit the virtual eq
  • Fix: Wrong font color in wav file player setup window
  • Modified signal generator GUI
  • New: You can compensate different delay settings used for measurement
  • Layout of virtual time shift window modified
  • Fix: Some intern and some GUI improvements. Removed some small bugs
  • Fix: Two files missing for web interface
  • Fix: Error message when selection averages ADD in MAT – Transfer
  • Fix: Possible invalid averages setting when using the arrows to adjust
  • New: Input monitoring

  • New: Save and apply compensation for complex compensation

  • New: Original phase value of quick trace will show when you compensate for different measurement delays in live add trace

  • New: Direct Ref added to windows-wave and direct sound audio

  • New: Selected i/o devices shown in setup → I/O devices

  • New: Increase / decrease display range buttons will show when you move the mouse over the left scale area

  • Add: self signed certificate for web display

  • Changed: Colors of web display

  • Changed: Color setting in setup → display

  • Changed: Save button added to setup areas

  • Fixed: Poor quality of IR in MAT module

  • Fixed: Crash when repeating delay-suggestion tool

  • Tested for win11.
  • Add: Cursor read out in oscilloscope.
  • Add: Numerical peak value display.
  • Add: Trigger visualization in MAT – IR.
  • Add: Trigger off option in MAT – IR.
  • Fixed: Sweep signal not starting.
  • Fixed: Possible crash in MAT – IR with digital zero input.
  • Fixed: DirectSound audio choppy.
  • Delay compensation not working correctly.
  • Improved support for High DPI displays.
  • Fixed: Smoothing affected by the frequency range selected.
  • Fixed: Crash when starting a Sweep measurement in the IR module with voice filter enabled.
  • Fixed: Menu entries not working in IR -> Room Acoustic window.
  • Modified: Delay-Compensation modifies phase response graph of the basic trace.
  • Added: Range of Tolerances.
  • Added: Quality Check.
  • Fixed: File – Type linking in windows.
  • Fixed: Lock up during first start.
  • Improved handling of different DPI settings.
  • Fixed: Some minor layout issues.
  • SATlive starts and ends quicker.
  • Added copy to clipboard to demo and full key request.
  • Changed the units of latency setting for DirectSound and windows Audio from milliseconds to samples.
  • Added the transfer with virtual EQ applied file format.
  • Added Suggest file name feature to Setup → Postprocess.
  • Project Management now available in IR module.
  • Phase compensation available for both smooth FFT and normal FFT in FFT module.
  • Fixed: Can not delete current project.
  • Fixed: Project configuration creates empty folders.
  • Fixed: Some strings not localized.
  • Fixed: Empty lines stop CSV import in QT.
  • Some internal modifications.
  • New version of graphics32. (
  • Added Trigger to IR (MAT-Module).
  • Added support for 88.2kSamples/s, 96kSamples/s, 176.4kSamples/s and 192kSamples/s to ASIO I/O.
  • Removed time-limit of the wav-file player.
  • Added octave-band filters to IR-Module.
  • Improved overall performance.
  • Improved pink-noise generator.
  • Added UTF-8 support to the language-files.
  • Fix: Error during stop of audio-driver (ASIO and DirectSound).
  • Fix: Wrong file-info display when no valid file is available.
  • Added: Threshold for amplitude difference in Delay-Suggestion-Tool.
  • Added: Visualization of frequency – range used during calculation of delay – suggestion.
  • New: Compensation of measurement-delay difference for live-add trace.
  • Fix: Connection problem for updates.
  • Fix: Smooth settings for MAT-FFT.
  • Fix: Wrong creation-date info (quick-traces).
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • New: K-View using two impulse-responses.
  • Improved: Display-update speed in MAT – impulse response.
  • Some minor GUI changes.
  • Some internal fixes and improvements.
  • Added K-View (cross-correlation based delay calculation).

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