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Most current version: 1.70.70

  • Added Trigger to IR (MAT-Module).
  • Added support for 88.2kSamples/s, 96kSamples/s, 176.4kSamples/s and 192kSamples/s to ASIO I/O.
  • Removed time – limit of the wav-file player.
  • Added octave-band filters to IR-Module.
  • Improved overall performance.
  • Improved pink-noise generator.
  • Added UTF-8 support to the language-files.

Previous Changes

  • Fix: Error during stop of audio-driver (ASIO and DirectSound).
  • Fix: Wrong file-info display when no valid file is available.
  • Added: Threshold for amplitude difference in Delay-Suggestion-Tool.
  • Added: Visualization of frequency – range used during calculation of delay – suggestion.
  • New: Compensation of measurement-delay difference for live-add trace.
  • Fix: Update connection problem.
  • Fix: Smooth settings for MAT-FFT.
  • Fix: Wrong creation-date info (quick-traces).
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • New: K-View using two impulse-responses.
  • Improved: Display update speed in MAT – impulse response.
  • Some minor GUI changes
  • Some internal fixes and improvements
  • Added K-View (cross-correlation based delay location).
  • Modified Delay – Suggestion Tool.
  • Improved resolution and latency for FFT and Spectrograph in MAT Module.
  • Added STI-List.
  • Some internal fixes and improvements
  • Changed: Layout of the amplitude – threshold setting window.
  • Changed: Noise – Threshold area visibility controllable in setup ->  measurement.
  • Fixed: Trace color changes not saved to dongle.
  • Fixed: Align of QT Buttons when magnified.
  • Fixed: Interaction color indicator remains in IR and FFT.
  • Fixed: Sum-Trace selection remains when Sum-Trace does not show.
  • Improved: Virtual X-Overs supports All-Pass Filter (first and second order).
  • Improved: Results of the Delay-Suggestion tool now available in the Virtual-Time-Shift window for easy verification.
  • Improved: Shortcut Ctrl + Alt + R centers and sizes window.
  • Fixed: Exit of transfer – function measurement takes too much time.
  • Fixed: Loading acoustic data created by previous versions of SATlive spoil acoustic parameter window.
  • Fixed: Some minor internal fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed: Displaymode settings not saved for frequency-range display.
  • Improved: Frequency-range selection.
  • Fixed: RTA selected bar shows wrong color ( classic color only).
  • Fixed: RTA mic input will not show peak.
  • Fixed: RTA frequency zoom does not work correctly.
  • New: Tags for quick labeling of quicktraces.
  • New: Global layout options for quicktraces in the IR Module.
  • Fixed: Free – Run and Single – Shot trigger for oscilloscope now work as intended.
  • New: Triggerlevel can be displayed in oscilloscope.
  • New: Tags for labeling quicktraces in web-interface.
  • New: Auto – fit option for IR display in web – interface.
  • Improved: Performance and stability of the web – interface improved especiall when running on slower network connections.
  • Improved: Calculation and parameters for Schroeder – trace and room – acoustic calculations improved.
  • Fix: Virtual Eq gain jumps when changing Q.
  • Improved: CSV Export now supports correlation.
  • Improved: Free – Run and Single – Shot trigger for oscilloscope.
  • New: Delay – suggestion tool: optimization target max +/- 60° difference in phase added.
  • Improved detail – display for delay – suggestion tool.
  • Improved: Waveform selection and display in signal – generator.
  • Add: Time – Marker Export / Import.
  • Add: Time – Marker will show polarity information.

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Hint: You can demo the software for 30 days. Please see the manual for details.

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