Virtual Speaker Processor

The Virtual Speaker Processor is a tool that creates audio output to simulate real world speakers or delay lines.

  • Supports 48 kSamples/s windows audio output.
  • A SATlive installation is needed on the pc to get the output working.
  • Different modes of operation:
    • Two way system.
    • FoH and Delay speaker.
    • Flat responses.
    • Sine – wave 400 Hz and 1kHz.
  • Controls
    • Mute.
    • Phase inversion.
    • Delay.
    • Lowcut filter (12dB/oct, only in one channel).
  • Download.
  • To operate the VSP you’ll need a link from its output to the input of the analyzer. You can use a virtual link, like VB virtual cable, or an external loop.

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