SATlive Audio Measurement App

SATlive offers a variety of measurements to suite your measurement needs.
Furthermore SATlive contains powerful tools to ease your optimization tasks.

Some Features
  • Resolution up to 48 points per octave.
  • Calculation and display of the impulse – response.
  • 30 Band RTA display.
  • Transfer – function showing amplitude and phase values.
  • Delayfinder for easy determination of the delay needed for the Dual – FFT measurement.
  • Delay – Suggestion Tool eases the alignment of speaker cabinets in time.
  • Automated delay determination for the Dual – FFT.
  • Calculation of RT60 and STI based on the impulse – response.
  • Displays the sum or the difference of two measurements.
  • Audio I/O supports ASIO, DirectSound and windows audio.
  • SATlive is designed for the current versions of windows, starting with win7, now including win11.
Delay Suggestion Tool
The delay suggestion tool helps you to align your speakers in time.
Spectrograph & FFT
Shows the FFT and the spectrograph of the mic signal.
30 Band RTA
30 Band RTA. Large display of the selected frequency - band. Peak - hold for easy location of feedbacks.
Impulse response
Display of the impulse - response of a high/mid speaker (top). The lower area shows a zoomed view of the top display.
Frequency - response of the high/mid speaker.
Lower part of the top's frequency - response. The upper area shows the amplitude and the lower area shows the phase - response.
The frequency - response of a subwoofer.
The frequency - response of the subwoofer. The violett trace shows the stored frequency - response of the top.
ASIO Copyright
ASIO is a registered trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
ASIO copyright information according to the guidelines of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
SATlive Dual-FFT audio measurement software made in Germany.
Compensate Delay Difference
SATlive will detect and report different delay-settings used for measurements. You can compensate the offest caused by that delay when adding two traces.
Delay Compensation
The virtual-time shift tool also supports compensation of differenct delays used for the measurement.
Compensate for different delays used during measurement.
Correlation of input signals eases location of delay times in SATlive.
Room Specification
Three user - definable target areas for the reverberation time available.
Delay Suggestion Tool

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